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About Anchor


Nothing But Bass is a channel created by Norwegian bass player Andreas Oxholm, in the pursuit of changing people’s perspective of the bass player. A bass player’s traditional role in music is to bridge the gap between rhythm and harmony, and to be the fundament of the music. Ultimately, this means that bass players hardly get credit for the important work they do and at the same time being treated as a simplistic role.


You’ve all probably heard the phrase ‘everyone can play bass’?


This channel is trying to show the world that the bass player can do much more than being in the background, by composing music where the bass player has a new and a modern role. This will hopefully encourage more people to pick up a bass rather than a guitar.


On this channel, bass player is at the front of the stage, showing everyone how underestimated bass players have been all this time. If it’s a bass and vocal arrangement of a popular song, a solo bass composition of a classical piece or a HipHop song where the bass plays the hook-line of the song.


We encourage bass players towards a modern role in music where the bass player is the star of the show.