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"... one of the best basslines I've probably ever heard."

"It's clear to see that Andreas Oxholm has both talent and pioneering vision as an artist. I have no doubt that his prodigal nature won't get to stay under the radar for too long."

- A&R Factory

“Shout out to Andreas Oxholm, this EP is awesome!“

- Ibass Magazine


"... he is definitely one for the collection!" 

- KCC Live Radio



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Andreas Oxholm is a Norwegian bassist who composes music featuring the bass guitar as a leading instrument. His artistic vision is to show the world that the bass guitar is capable of doing more than bridging the gap between rhythm and harmony.


After graduating from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), He has played countless concerts, festivals and tours in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and USA. The more established artists he has worked with are Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)Mitch Malloy (Van Halen, Great White)Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X), Tyler Warren (Queen + Adam Lambert), Thomas Blug (Bluguitar, Thomas Blug Band) and XamVolo.

Andreas was selected as "top three bassist of the year 2019' by the London Bass Guitar Show and received the "young performing artist of 2019" award from Larvik county.


Andreas Oxholm is proudly representing Roland Boss, Celestion and Speakon, and grateful for their support, whilst pursuing his career as an artist.

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P : +47 938 53 501

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